Raising Emotionally Healthy Children: Feeling Included

“Feeling Included is a fourth critical emotional need of children. They need to feel they belong, to feel a part of things, to feel connected to other people, to have a sense of community. That’s why kids join cliques, gangs, clubs and teams – to satisfy that need to belong.” (MORE)


The above is from a guest post written by Dr. Gerald Newmark (author of How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children ) for North Texas Kids’ blog.

Dr. Newmark offers practical suggestions on ways to include your child. A remarkable outcome of your child feeling included is that:

“Identifying strongly with the family unit makes children more resistant to outside, negative influences…”

Read Dr. Newmark’s entire guest post HERE

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Emotionally Healthy Children Don’t Join Gangs

What leads to success in life? One of the most important factors — even more so than intelligence — is emotional health.

Bob Brunson, LMFT, Monterey County Behavioral Health

Bob Brunson, LMFT, Monterey County Behavioral Health

It’s lack of emotional health that leads some kids to join gangs. It’s why many use drugs or become pregnant too young. So says Bob Brunson, a licensed marriage and family therapist who manages the Monterey County Behavioral Health Services Department. In the following interview, Brunson explains the critical importance of raising emotionally healthy children. [Continue reading]

[The article above is an interview with Bob Brunson, Board member of The Children’s Project – How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children. It was written by Ellen Wrona and appeared in The Salinas Californian]