“Go to church, never get in trouble, & father always knows best?”: An ’emotionally healthy’ book review & giveaway

A book review of How
to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children
from Far from

Part of the reason I
accepted this book to review was because I felt like I did not
receive an emotionally healthy upbringing.

My childhood was nourished in a bubble of fantasy – to
this day my parents refuse to accept the reality of today’s
society. They grew up in the idyllic 1950′s and they raised me in
that same atmosphere as well. They had three rules: go to church,
never get in trouble, and father always knows best.

20130807-081755.jpg This is all fine and dandy until the child becomes
a teenager with a will of her own. What do you do when you want to
break out of your sheltered existence to experience the real world
but your parents tell you their experiences ended negatively so you
must stay inside where it is safe? I was never trusted, always
guilty until proven innocent. Eventually I got tired of fighting
for my innocence and the opportunity to enjoy the fun of a
teenager’s life. I didn’t get into drugs or get knocked up at 16,
but I did do a lot of other stupid stuff. Stuff that is really
child’s play in the world of today’s teenagers. At one point my
parents took me to see a therapist, who sided with them in every
instance, in hopes that I would “see the errors” of my ways. Oh
yeah, that sure happened! Continue
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to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children
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